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Appendix D.  DocBook Documentation Generation

CartoWeb documentation source are in DocBook XML format and located in documentation/user_manual/source in CartoWeb archive.

You may want to generate it by yourself in order to produce XHTML or PDF output.

D.1.  Documentation Generation on UNIX-like System

D.1.1.  Tiny DocBook Install

Uncompress the tiny-docbook-1-6-17.tar.bz2 archive somewhere in your filesystem.


$ ./configure --enable-install
$ make install

to install and configure Tiny DocBook environment.

D.1.2.  Create a Symbolic Link to Documentation Source

Create a symbolic link in the Tiny DocBook install directory pointing to the CartoWeb documentation sources <cartoweb_home>/documentation/user_manual/source , like that:

$ ln -s CARTOWEB_HOME/documentation/user_manual/source

D.1.3.  XHTML Generation

Then, to generate an XHTML version of the documentation, execute as follow:

$ ./configure
$ make xhtml

Output result will be generated in xhtml/ directory.

D.1.4.  PDF Generation

To generate a pdf version of the documentation, execute instead:

$ ./configure
$ make pdf

Resulting pdf will be generated in book.pdf file.


You need to have at least a JRE (or JDK ) installed on your system in order to generate PDF . The environment variable JAVA_HOME must also be rightly set, e.g

$ export JAVA_HOME=dir_path_where_jre_is_put_on_your_system

D.2.  Documentation Generation on Windows using Cygwin

At this time, the only known way to generate xhml or pdf version of the documentation on Windows is by using Cygwin.

You will need to install the following Cygwin packages: libxml2, libxslt, make .

Then follow the same instructions as for UNIX-like system Section D.1, “ Documentation Generation on UNIX-like System ”.

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