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1. Project Presentation

1.1. About CartoWeb

CartoWeb3 is a comprehensive and ready-to-use Web-GIS (Geographical Information System), including many powerful features. As a modular and extensible solution, it is also a convenient framework for building advanced and customized applications.

Developed by Camptocamp SA, it is based on the UMN MapServer engine and is released under the GNU GPL license.

1.2. Credits

To date, the following people have been more or less involved in the development of CartoWeb :

  • Yves Bolognini
  • Mathieu Bornoz
  • Oliver Christen
  • Damien Corpataux
  • Olivier Courtin
  • Daniel Faivre
  • Alexandre Fellay
  • Marc Fournier
  • Jean-Denis Giguere
  • Florent Giraud
  • Pierre Giraud
  • David Jonglez
  • Frédéric Junod
  • Sylvain Pasche
  • Claude Philipona
  • Arnaud Saint Leger
  • Alexandre Saunier

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